There are a few key things to remember when one is working in the mobile medical field. These are non-negotiable, and we had no other choice but to get them right. First and foremost, we needed to make sure that you have all the safety protocols in place before doing anything. This provides you, the client, with the peace of mind that everything is aboveboard. Next, we needed to make sure that we were able to supply you not only with the variety of solutions you deserved, but we had to make sure that they were of the highest quality, and that you would get nothing but the real value for every single cent you spent with us. We have found the right balance.

  • Hangover IV
  • Drip Hydration IV
  • Vitamin Infusion IV
  • NAD Therapy
  • Myers Cocktail IV
  • B12 Shots

One thing we have found lacking throughout the industry is an unwillingness to educate clients about what is going into their bodies, There is a general sense that the client knows what they are doing otherwise they would not be asking for it. Whilst this might be true in a minority of the cases, the vast majority of clients don't have a clue. To change this, we initiated an educational program that accompanies every single one of our solutions. This ensures that not only are you getting the very best, but you are well informed as to what is going on. If this sounds like the way you think it should be done, we would be more than happy to look after all your needs.

doctor in gloves injecting the patients arm
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